About Us

KCI Master Industries Corp. is a service provider dedicated to providing professional custom masterbatch formulation and manufacturing services. Guided by principles of strict quality control and sustainable business, as well as the belief that talent is the company's most valuable asset, KCI Master has consistently adhered to high standards in production efficiency, quality, and product stability. Since 1985, KCI has successfully exported to over 20 countries throughout North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Southeast Asia, through direct or indirect trade, serving more than 3000 customers.


  • 1985

    Establishment of KCI Master Industries Corp. Tainan Plant I.
  • 1991

    Establishment of Research and Development Laboratory.
  • 1997

    Establishment of Dongguan Technical Service Center.
  • 2005

    Establishment of Huizhou Factory.
  • 2020

    Expansion of Tainan Plant II.
  • 2021

    Establishment of the Innovative High-Functionality Masterbatch and Textile Materials Research Center.

International Certification

Passed ISO9001 quality management system certification, rigorously control of product quality.

Professional masterbatch that complies with ASTM, AP(89)1, CPAI-84, EN-71, FDA, RoHS, REACH, and PAHs regulations.

Green Earth


Reduce carbon footprint

We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint.


Resource recycling and reuse

We vigorously engage in resource recycling and reuse activities.


Improve products and services continuously

We will give priority to eco-friendly materials and suppliers.


Legal compliance and continuous improvement

We will comply with relevant environmental laws and standards.

Future Outlook


The leader in technological innovation and R&D

We will continue to maintain our leading position in technological innovation and R&D.

We will continue to invest in R&D and explore new masterbatch formulations and manufacturing technologies to provide better, more diverse, and creative masterbatch solutions. We are committed to developing eco-friendly products and reducing our environmental impact.


Establish global market influence

Our goal is to establish a strong global market presence.

We will continue to expand our market share, tap into emerging markets, and provide high-quality products for customers. We will bolster collaboration with existing customers and partners, while actively seeking new opportunities for cooperation to expand our business scale.


Sustainable development and social responsibility

We will assume our social responsibilities with conviction and commit to sustainable development.

We will assume our social responsibilities with conviction and commit to sustainable development, as well as continue to improve our manufacturing processes, decrease energy consumption and waste generation, and minimize our environmental impact. Furthermore, we will facilitate the sustainable development of the supply chain as well as collaborate with suppliers and partners to implement green and socially responsible practices.


Talent development and teamwork

We recognize that people are the key to our success.

We will continue to invest in talent and professional development by offering continuous learning and growth opportunities in order to inspire and challenge our team members. We encourage open communication and teamwork in an effort to create a respectful and supportive workplace, thereby realizing the common goal of individuals and the team.